Corrosion Repair

Corroded Alloy Wheel Repair

alloy wheel repairCorroded alloy wheels, which can normally be spotted by the appearance of a bubbling paint or milky appearance to wheels, if left untreated can not only ruin the appearance and diminish the cosmetic appeal and resale value of your vehicle.

It can also create further problems as if left untreated, issues may arise with the air pressure of your tyres when the seal of the tyre is compromised which has the potential to create a hazardous situation if the operation of your motor vehicle is diminished.

Alloy wheels which are corroded, peeling or have oxidisation issues are repaired in a custom built service area which allows them to be ‘ stripped and dipped ‘, as to allow them to be brought back to immaculate showroom condition.

This service is available to private and commercial customers.

Please call 07944 702 222 or send us an enquiry with images of your damaged wheels ( allowing us to see the full circle / circumference of each alloy wheel ) along with your diamond cutting or powder coating requirement and we shall assist.

About Alloy Wheel Repair

Provider of full alloy wheel refurbishment and wheel painting services for damaged painted and diamond cut wheels for customers located in London, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Essex and Kent.