Buckled Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheel Straightening / Buckled Alloy Wheel Repair

alloy wheel repairWe provide buckled wheel repairs and the wheel straightening operation employed provides a professional repair solution for alloy wheels that have been damaged from hitting a kerb too hard or driving over a pothole. Typical symptoms of this type of damage range from vibration through the car or tyres to tyres deflating for no apparent reason. We are limited to only being able to repair alloy wheels which have sustained flat spots or vertical buckles, so please submit an enquiry where we can review the extent of your damage.

Alloy wheels which have damage to the inside of the wheel do not necessarily need to be repainted, however if the alloy has sustained damage to the outside of the wheel, refurbishment would be advised as the paint finish will be degraded during the heating process to soften the metal so it can be manipulated back into shape.

All alloys that come into the workshop for service are processed in custom built service areas which allow your wheel to be professional repaired so it regains its correct shape and upon completion of the repair process, your alloy will be returned back to an immaculate showroom condition.

This service is available to private and commercial customers.

Please call 07944 702 222 or send us an enquiry with images of your damaged wheels ( allowing us to see the full circle / circumference of each alloy wheel ) along with your diamond cutting or powder coating requirement and we shall assist.