Replacement Tyres

Tyres / Replacement Winter Tyres / Quick Fitting Service

new tyresWe provides clients who have sustained damage to their tyres with new replacement tyres with our convenient tyre sourcing and fitting services. Damage to the tread or the wall of your tyres can be caused from hitting a kerb too hard, driving over a pothole or damage can be caused by simple wear and tear.

Driving with damaged tyres compromises the safe operation of your vehicle and we advise clients when we observe tyre damage and give you the option to have the tyres changed at the same time as alloy wheel refurbishment.

This provides clients with an end to end service solution where we can source budget or premium lines from brands such as Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin and Continental.  All tyres are fitted within a custom built service area which maintains the integrity of the fitting / balancing processes and we will dispose of your old wheels free of charge.

Please call 07944 702 222 or send us an enquiry with details of your requirement ( allowing us to see the full circle / circumference of each alloy wheel ) along with your diamond cutting or powder coating requirement and we shall assist.