Diamond Cutting / Polishing Alloy Wheels

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair

alloy wheel repairDiamond cut or precision machined finish alloys have become hugely popular on many of the vehicles on the road.  Diamond cut wheels have a surface finish very similar to a CD/DVD with lots of very fine lines.  Due to the salt on our roads, these variants of wheels are susceptible to corrosion, so maintaining your expensive wheels with premium acid- free products such as Autoglym’s Custom wheel cleaner is important.

When your wheels have sustained kerb damage or corrosion damage, the wheel can be recut again ( typically up to maximum of 5 x recuts, dependent on the wheel ) and your alloy wheels are returned back to its former shiny appearance.

All Diamond cut alloy wheels which come into the workshop for service are processed within custom built service areas and at the final stage, they are refinished on an industrial CNC lathe which allows the wheel to be ‘Diamond turned ‘ which involves a very finite layer of the wheel to be cut, thus exposing an unblemished layer of fresh aluminum which retains the highly polished aesthetic.

This service is available to private and commercial customers.

Please call 07944 702 222 or send us an enquiry with images of your damaged wheels ( allowing us to see the full circle / circumference of each alloy wheel ) along with your diamond cutting or powder coating requirement and we shall assist.